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Importance of Assigning Homework

While different people may have different perspectives regarding homework, this trend will go on perpetually. Although students often dread homework, there are many ways homework benefits them. Below pointers elucidate the importance of assigning homework.


From improving the performance of learners to being quite overwhelming at times, homework is an essential part of a student’s life. Although students often dread homework, there are many ways homework benefits them. Below pointers elucidate the importance of assigning homework.


Boosts Memory 

Students have to complete the homework on their own, and they tend to remember things for a longer time. Moreover, it’s like revising all the topics and concepts learned in the classroom; hence, homework helps boost students’ memory.


Makes Student Self-Dependent 

When students solve problems without taking help from teachers or their friends, they become self-dependent. It makes them more responsible and confident. Doing homework on their own helps students understand the importance of self-study and prepares them for the future.


Better Time Management 

When it comes to completing homework, students have to finish it before the next day. This way, they’ll focus only on the essential things and finish the work within the given timeframe. Not to mention, it also improves their concentration levels and makes them more focussed.


Prepares Students for the Next Day 

Homework helps students prepare for the next day. They can go through all the topics taught, and get ready for the next day. This way, they will quickly understand the new topics and be able to relate with them in a much better way.


Good Way of Revision 

To complete the homework, students have to go through all the concepts, topics, and subject matters they studied. Hence, it helps them to recall everything they learned. This becomes a good way of revision, and further promotes their memory retention.


Promotes Parents’ Involvement 

When parents get involved in helping their children with homework, it improves their relationship. Not to mention, parents get to know the progress of their ward and work accordingly to help them perform better. Parents can guide them and motivate them to keep going.


Makes Student More Disciplined 

Since homework has to be completed within a specific timeframe, it makes them more focussed and disciplined. It not only helps them manage time well but also makes them more cautious about finishing the given tasks without any delay.


Improves Academic Performance of Learners 

Doing homework helps students recall what they were taught in the last class. They also solve the problems and tasks given to them on their own. Hence, it improves their academic performance.


At times, students might find doing homework a bit challenging, but it is essential to make students more confident and perform better. Schools and teachers should keep in mind a few things before assigning homework to students. It shouldn’t be too long and complicated that it becomes a tough task for learners to complete.

Also, educators should set realistic deadlines for students to submit the homework. Instead of emphasizing only on theoretical knowledge, teachers should focus on fun experiments and practical knowledge. Some examples are one-sentence stories, a questionnaire-based assignment, solving a puzzle, etc. The idea is to make homework interesting for students and not a burden.  For better growth of students use School Mobile App with its remarkable features.

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