Academic life can suddenly become a grudge, a monotonous daily routine that had lost its thrills and excitements it once held. If you’re feeling this way, it’s okay, it’s a normal feelings one will have sometime in the course of studying.  

Now we will talk about college lessons.

3 College Lessons You Must Learn

College Lessons # 1 : Work Hard But Also Play Hard

Yes, sometimes schoolwork do get piled up and your brain cells might seem like they are about to explode, or sometimes you become so hard on yourself with that mindset, “Am in college to make something out of my life, I will focus on my books, I don’t have time for fun and games, so no partying.”, but does that mean you should over punish yourself?

Truthfully you can’t progress if you over stress yourself. Simple as that, college is not only a place to get a great education, but it’s also a place where you can expand your horizon, meet a diverse group of people but most importantly define who you truly are aiming to become. Moreover, you can always pay to write research paper, if you do not have time to do it.

College Lessons # 2 : Be True To Yourself And Stay Positive

Be true to yourself and stay positive- Sometime it’s OK to be sad, frustrated, and angry or simply cry. College can bring a lot of pressure on you for many reasons. For the most part, you want to be an overachiever and there might be pressure coming from different angles as well; pleasing your family, job, financial aid, mentioning a social life, getting into a top university, maintaining an high average etc.,

I remember during my first semester of college, I struggled to hold my tears for many reasons, like the time I got a score I wasn’t aiming for in my biology exam. It ruined my entire day; I knew I could have done so much better. I guess it was the pressure of getting an A in that class and mentioning a high average in order to increase my chances of getting into medical school.

Sometimes I found myself in deep thoughts which often turned into tears. I was kind of afraid and in the process of finding myself overall. I asked myself thousands of times, am I ready for college? For the responsible that comes with college? Do I really want to go to school for 8 years? But then, I tell myself, the biggest punishment will be regret if I didn’t chase after my dreams 10 years from now. Why should I leave the major I am passionate about and major in something else because it’s less challenging.

But truthfully I learned that it’s ok to cry when you feel over-stressed. Admit your challenges and faults, it’s all apart of finding who you truly are and what really matters to you today, so you are on the right track tomorrow. Just have a positive outlook and don’t lie to yourself. If you are afraid or confused, admit it to yourself and lay out what you really want to achieve in college.


College Lesson 3: Avoid Looking Down At Others

Don’t look down on others, because everyone has value. You might be driving a BMW to school while the next person is riding a bike, but you are both attending the same college and trying to make something out of your life, Correct? Everyone is worth something to someone else.


That bully that use to push you around in high school, u might think in your mind, he will never become anything in life, he is worthless, but did you ever stop to think that he is the only friend his sister has, his mother would rather lose her own life before his, better yet, he might just grow up and talk to teenagers about how bulling is bad.


What about that girl that you think is totally geeky and weird in your chemistry class. Her tutoring skills might be the reason you passed. Don’t be that asshole that actually stresses about people’s beliefs, religions, financial status, the way they look, dress,etc., expand your horizon.