Churches Disputes

by Sue Darling

We all suffer from blind spots. And sometimes it is no use pointing it out to us, because more times than not we won’t believe it. Not until the Holy Spirit reveals it to us do we believe. We are told to pray for wisdom and treasure her. Having wisdom will save us from falling into a trap that the devil plans for us. So as to destroy us if he can, and he is more successful than we like to admit.


I like you to turn your attention to all the different denominations of churches out there. All having different views on how to interpret parts of the bible. All claiming to be right. I believe without a doubt they all can’t be right in everything. I have been baptised and brought up in the Presbyterian Church and then became a Catholic. Now I am disappointed in all the churches, but I am not blaming any of them, because we all are human with blind spots.


I believe in Holy Communion that Jesus is truly present in the bread and wine. I use to believe it was symbolic like a good Presbyterian. Since then Jesus has communicated to me directly from the consecrated bread and many other experience I received from Holy Communion that proves to me that Jesus meant what He said. Read John Chapter six. I learnt that from the Catholics. I learnt more about the spiritual gifting from the Protestants, because of it I speak in tongues for about an hour a day and practise self-deliverance from time to time. I believe in honouring Mary the mother of Jesus. There is a great difference between worshiping and honouring. I say eight rosaries a day and sometimes more. I believe in Marys power of intercessory prayer is so strong that we shouldn’t fail to ask her for her help. Once I failed God badly and betrayed Him and He forgave me and I asked Jesus ‘how can I thank you?’ and He told me to say the rosary. It was Jesus speaking to me not the devil disguising himself as Jesus.


Mary the mother of Jesus told me fairly recently that I don’t go under the banner of a Protestant or a Catholic. The truth is very important to me. Jesus does say seek and you shall find. I believe in following Jesus closely, and not the church so much. He will free you from the religious spirit that is in most churches of today. The church you are in I believe isn’t going to be perfect, because only Jesus is perfect. And we are called to follow Jesus under the influence of the Holy Spirit. You will find some of your beliefs, if you are growing will be corrected, where it needs to be corrected, that is if you give God a chance to teach you.


I am not dismissing the importance of churches role by any means. But what I would like you to consider is to pray for wisdom and discernment daily. And don’t be so sure you are right every time. I have been guilty of that many times myself. So from personal experience I am saying to you God will only reveal His secrets to the humble and teachable, not the proud. Only a few find the narrow gate that leads to life, is what Jesus said. Let us be that few.


Matthew 7:14. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.