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English sounds system is an intricate pattern of speech articulation with complex phonemes. Here in this 5th edition of Solats we shall give minimal treatment to these sounds of the English language. Generally, we shall study English Language at the Phonetic, Phonology, Morphology, syntactic and pragmatic levels. We cannot adequately cover the full studies in this segment, but for complete tutorial you can contact the Tutor using the form provided below.  

            In subsequent editions we shall go into full details of the English phonetics, but for now let’s considerate on the English consonants and vowels. There are 44 distinct sounds of the English language, and 5 minimally represented sounds that are not distinct. Consonant sounds comprise 24, and while Vowel sounds comprise 20—and the 5 triphthongs that are combination of monothongs and diphthongs so not distinct sounds on their own.

English Consonants

The English Vowels

Monothongs (Long Vowels)

Monothongs (Short Vowels)




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