Fiction Series–“STITCHES”

STITCHES (Tales of Conflicts) —Series 1

By Samuel O. Akinola

Mary pulled back and stood against the wall, her arms folded across her tender breasts. She stared at Williams, who wore grumpy face oblivion of her presence—as if she does not exist. She bit down on her lips so hard that she could almost taste the blood. She could not believe this was the same man she had vowed to spend the rest of her life with, the vow she took few months ago with all the fun-fair off the world, and celebrated in a grand style. Now everything was falling to pieces—her world, her dreams. She tried to fight off the tears, but could not help it.

            “Williams!” She shouted his name, which forced him to stare at her with his legendary cold eyes. “You have become so mean, cold and heartless!” She accused him viciously.

            Williams grinned mirthlessly, “Which one do you prefer? A cold and heartless husband or a violent husband that will pounce on you and knock out that stupid attitude of yours out of your head?” He roared.

            “You promised, on our wedding day, to love and care for me forever!” Pains squeezed her heart; she jerked her thumb accusingly at him.

            He banged hard on the table, his eyes shot and blazed at her. And you promised to respect and obey me!” he took few steps towards her as if he wanted to strike her but then stopped. “You whine and bitch about the house, and complain about everything to every bloody person who cares to hear you. What have I not done to make you happy? You are too stubborn for my liking; poisonous words spit out from that your fancy mouth to make a man go crazy with anger. Yet I have shown restraint, now I warn you, there is limit to what I can tolerate. I don’t think you will like me ramming my fist into that your pretty face, would you?”

            Terror seized her and she pulled farther away from him. “You have become a monster, Williams; I just don’t know you anymore. Your ego has gotten the better part of you; you are too set in your ways that no one can make you reason with her. Even God Almighty most often reason with us mere humans, but not so with you! You are the god, the lord, the king and the boss; your words are absolute and your ways final. Who do you think you are, huh, tell me?

            “Damn you Mary, I am your bloody husband! I paid your bride price, so you should talk to me with respect,” frustration in his tone of voice.

            She laughed scornfully, “There you go again Mr. Husband. I recall that I never begged you to marry me. In fact, you were the one on your knees asking me to marry you, which I foolishly did and now I am trapped forever with a man worse than the devil.” She gestured helplessly.

            “Not necessary forever,” Williams conceded; I never charmed you so you are not my slave. You walked into my life freely and you can walk out freely too—the door is over there, you can get your bloody self out of my house and bring me the divorce papers as quick as possible.” He roared angrily.




            Mary clutched her chest, terror in her eyes. “You are a devil Williams, I hate you; I hate you with all my heart.” She wept bitterly and nearly choked on her tears. “I am leaving you Williams,” she began to pack some of her belongings thoughtlessly, weeping all over the room.

            Williams brought out more of her belongings and threw them at her. “They are yours, pack them, every one of them and get out of my life!”

            She finished packing and shrieked abuses on him, “you are a useless man, pig and bloody demon, I hate you, I hate you!” She grabbed her luggage and ran out of the room while weeping pitiably. Williams too ran after her, yelling at her to get out of his life—tears in his eyes.

            She pushed opened the door and ran out of the house. She nearly bumped into their landlady, Madam Jane, who was on her way to the couple. “Sorry ma,” Mary apologised and ran away, dragging her luggage after her down the road—weeping all the way.

            “Mary! Mary! Come back here, please come back.” Madam Jane called after her. Williams shot out of the house, rage in his eyes. “Leave her alone ma, just rejoice with me that the torn in my flesh has just left me.             Never come back again Mary!” He yelled after her, pulled back into the house and slammed the door shot.

            Madam Jane dabbed tears from her eyes. She pitied this young couple; she had spent the last three months settling their endless quarrels. She had tried many times to make them understand that two wrong can never make a right. We are all ordinary people, if we can take things easy we will get along just fine. She just don’ know what to do again to help this young couple. Maybe she should call their families or bring church leaders into the matter—after all she was the special guest of honour on their wedding day.

            “Two wrong can never make a right, my children,” she whispered and sidled away, “two wrong can never make a right.”             


We must fight

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