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Hello, welcome to this segment, I’m The Doctor. Here we will help ourselves with heart matters, we will pour out our hearts to one another and HELP A SOUL

Hello dear audience! Problem share is problem half-solve. A recently married guy reached out to us with a heartbreaking story…

“Hello, Dear editor, I’m… (name withheld). I’m about to divorce my wife of just one week old!
I love my wife dearly, so this is a hard decision for me but i must. We wedded in a grand style and were suppose to still be in a honeymoon now. On the fifth day into our honeymoon in an expensive hotel, I left her to hang out with my buddies in the morning. I was late in returning, I got back by 9pm with plenty gifts to apologise to my wife. On entering our suit I received the shock of my life!
I saw my wife on the bed, with a male hotel steward fu…king her real-hard!!! My heart was literally shattered, I’ve been weeping since then. I discovered from her that she is a sex maniac with no man capable of satisfying her sex appetite, which she has been hiding from me throughout our courtship.
Dear editor, what should I do now. I’ve contacted lawyers for divorce. She has been weeping and begging my forgiveness, but I can’t even stand to look at her. It hurts me more since I still love her, but I can’t take her for who she is. What should I do, my life is now totally broken.”

Please send in your advice & comments to help this young man fix his broken heart. It will be published on Solats Magazine.


Pat: Sorry this is beyond control. Only God can help…

Faith: Forgive her since you still love her and have a one on one chat with her so she can can tell you more about herself that you may not know.

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