Live, eat, learn and play! You are at a point in life where all these matter for your health. This point in your life is known as childhood, anything that will take this from you, or try to take this from you the world called it CHILD ABUSE.


Live your life to the fullest and respect other people who are still living. That’s respect LIFE, your mind is not fully developed enough to cope with the concept of death, sickness and diseases. Even though you are sickly, your mind can’t be sick—just look at the bright side, nothing happening to you has never happened to people before, many of them overcame and made the best use of their situation.  The world is ugly as it is beautiful, bad things are everywhere as well as good things; whichever you dream to be yours might certainly come to pass.



Don’t be shy to eat as often as you desire, though pay attention to daddy, mommy, uncle, aunty and your teacher or guidance. Food will make you grow into a developed adult, healthy and fully alive. Not just any food though, but the right kind of food. If you are not lucky to have good background to bring you up, don’t be sad, very many adults today were once in your situation and overcame to become better people today.

Eat with daddy, eat with mommy, eat with brothers and sisters and even with friends. This will build good relationship that is very essential for your growth into teenage and adult.



Learn child, you need to grow in knowledge. Read books, watch children videos, pay attention to your teachers in school. ‘HELP’ mommy and daddy, be nice and kind to other people, and don’t say bad things to make them feel sad. Don’t accept that you are not brilliant; your brain is still developing so you need to continue to learn and you will become very brilliant someday as you grow older.  



Yes play child, play. Run up and down the house, tumble and rumble in sand, play with dolls and toys and teddy bears. Shout loud and laugh loud, jump on daddy and mommy, jump on uncle and aunty, play hide and seek, clap your hands and dance even without music. You need these activities to develop your fragile muscles and make your mind sharp and active. 

Have fun and enjoy your childhood; it will soon pass away when you pass into puberty. 

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