Every time you turn around you hear of another school massacre. If it isn’t a school it’s a church, a restaurant or a workplace. The world is unraveling at the seams! I have had people tell me that the world isn’t any worse than it was when I was growing up. That is a crock of bull! When I was a kid we could go walking pretty much at any time, day or night, and the chances of not returning were nowhere near as high as they are now. You didn’t fear going to school or wonder if you would die before the next bell rung. Movies were a fun place and no one ever thought it would become a death trap. Working the drive through window wasn’t a gamble either. Taking your parents out to eat wasn’t plagued by the question of “Is it safe?” I’ve been told that it only sounds worse because of the access to media. I don’t believe that because unless you were in a coma, if anything like the above happened in your area, you would have known about it. Much of what is happening now is in our own backyards.

If something doesn’t change, and I doubt it will, the only safe place will become our own homes. This of course is provided we are locked inside its walls with every possible safety measure in place, like Fort Knox. Looking at the circumstances of society now, we have gone back to the barbaric ways of the past. We seem to be going back to a time, before any form of social expectations existed. The decay of morals and empathy from generation to generation seems to grow. Imagine what ten years from now will be like. We become prisoners in our own homes, our children learning from online schools. A crippling fear that consumes us all, our groceries, and medical supplies being delivered by fearful employees wearing vest and body armor. If we don’t start correcting our children now, teaching them that it’s not all about them, it will become all about them. The rest of the world won’t exist, at least not in a desirable atmosphere. Surviving shouldn’t be a way of life, thriving should be!

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  • Akinola

    This is a love griping story that shows the foolishness…