Youth Life


BY Akin

Life is in stages, the youthful stage is one of the stages, and it won’t last forever. So, everything about you should count; it should matter. In this stage diligence counts, integrity counts, professionalism counts, honesty counts, moral ethics counts, education counts, skilful hands count, good relationship with others counts, family counts and genuine passion counts. These are values that will make the days of your youth flourish right into your old age.

            Well, your country will not get better, even the world at large, at least not now. The economy of the country has never been better, so don’t count on it for now—keep the hope alive though. The corrupt politicians will not suddenly become angels overnight. However, we can continue to shout their corruption for the world to hear—we owe this to the future generations. We have the righteous mandate to fight a good fight for the betterment of our country. We have the moral mandate to uphold social justice, address inequalities, defend the helpless, rescue modern day slaves from slavery, stand with the righteous and shun the corrupt.

Well, this is a cumbersome task, but the strength of youthfulness will shoulder the task conveniently. So, whatever good your hands find to do, commit yourself to it with passion and diligence; you will reap the sweet fruits right through your old age.

            Have anything to share with me bro? Do you have fury in you against the situations we are in this country? Explode it here; we must let the wide world hear our angry voices against the ills of our leaders, and against the wickedness of the bad eggs in our societies.

            See you in next edition; meanwhile keep your passion burning.                       

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